A real woman likes money where she can see it….on her fingers, or around her neck. Jewelry is one little thing that has the power to make you feel unique. Finding the right necklace to wear with your outfit is not an easy task for a lot of women. What happens in most cases is that full attention is given for the outfit to be worn, and the jewelry part is mostly neglected. But the fact is that your special occasion deserves special jewelry. Jewelry has become the focal point for all weddings and formal occasions. You need to choose the jewelry wisely.

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Choose the ones that go well with the outfit you are wearing.  If you are wearing a strapless gown for any occasion, go for an elaborate drop necklace with beads, crystals, and gems that compliment your gown. It entirely depends on your neckline that what type of necklace will suit you.  Longer necklace goes well with every neckline. No matter what necklace you choose, make sure that it does not keep bumping up against your neckline.

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If you have a V- neck top, a pendant necklace that flows into the V of your top is recommended. If your top is having a snoop neck, wear a statement necklace that goes well with the curved shape of the neckline and covers the exposed neck or chest area. A sweetheart neckline needs a bold necklace as it draws the attention up to your face and doesn’t overlap with your cleavage. It is advisable to go without necklace if you are wearing a halter or one-shoulder style dress. For high necklines, just accessorize it with dangle earrings. If you have an asymmetrical neckline, a necklace with its own asymmetry will work. A long string of different sized and shaped beads extremely goes well with these necklines.

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If it is a very important day….wedding bells are ringing, and you are confused with the jewelry to be worn, I’ am here to help you. If your gown is white, it looks prettiest with platinum or silver pieces.  If your gown is ivory, Gold jewelry will be the best as it helps to enhance your creamy shade. If your gown is blush, try pinkish gold as the pink cast in the metal will go well with the soft pink of the wedding costume. The important point to note while choosing the piece of jewelry is that the jewelry you choose will be a reflection of you. So don’t panic and be confident about whatever choice you make.

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