Jewelry helps woman style their soul. It helps woman attract mates by way of showing wealth and is also used to show affiliation with a certain group. Jewelry helps women fulfill one of the basic needs of life- Esteem needs. Jewelry is a form of self-expression. Be it a delicate chain or a choker, it sends a little message to the ones around.


           In ancient times, animal teeth, bones, feathers, shells and reeds adorned their bodies. Then later came the era of royal and aristocratic jewels. If a piece of jewelry is received as a gift from someone special, they think of that person every time they look at the piece they are wearing. Most of the times it happens that jewelry once worn by the grandparents are inherited to their children and grandchildren. They have exact plans right from the day they get possession of the jewelry regarding which ones they will pass on to their daughters or other female relatives when the right time comes.


           A bright and colored piece of jewelry is the most preferred by women who are attention seekers. Fashionistas want to experiment with jewelry. They don’t stick to one all the time. As the trend changes, they update with new pieces. It is not about price or personal significance but just to look trendy. These pieces are less expensive and they go out of style soon. On the contrary, expensive jewelry is considered as an investment for the long term as they have precious gold, diamonds or sapphires embedded in them.


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