Every woman wants to be seen by others as an elegant woman. Being elegant is nothing, but be graceful, look stylish and have good manners. If you continuously think of yourself in a negative way, there is no chance that you can ever become elegant. Be proud of what you are. Only an esteemed woman can be elegant. So the first step to becoming elegant is to think elegantly and let your sophistication flow with you!

You can buy Indian saree as it is sure to make any woman look elegant. These outfits are available all over India. But you can get it more economically if you buy online sarees because buying online from manufacturer eliminates middlemen. If you are planning to buy any outfit, the color that you choose plays an important role. Not all colors are going to suit you. Similarly, there are other mistakes which a woman makes that you should avoid if your ultimate aim is to look elegant.

As per results of a recent survey, French women were ranked the most elegant and majestic female breed. They dress up effortlessly, look graceful and leave a deep impact on others. Here are some things to remember if you want to look as charming as your French counterparts. It’s high time for you ladies to start doing the right thing. These are some points you need to avoid as soon as possible.

High heels: A woman with high heels like Lady Gaga is not a symbol of elegance. Instead, go for classic low heel shoes. French ladies never go for high heels.


Clothes and accessories that display brand name distinctly: This belle (means beautiful) French women strongly believe that luxury is the way you wear your clothes, and not showing the name of the brand. Hence they would never wear or carry flashy logos.

Showing off too much: French woman is against showing off. If they’re wearing only a shirt and a pair of jeans, a red lipstick is the only makeup they use. They don’t pretty much use bright colors. They love simplicity, and still, they look sexy.

Strict Diets: French woman are slim and they look much young. But they don’t count the calories every time they sit to eat, nor they plan for hectic workouts like Americans. They eat what they wish but still they don’t get fat because they believe in the bottom of their heart that they are always skinny. It is what you believe that you become.

Being Alcoholic: French ladies love clubs and parties. They love dancing. But she never drinks. No wonder, French women look younger than their age. She does not want to waste her life with alcoholic drinks, instead, prefers to remain young and healthy till the day she breathes her last.