Hola! It is safe to say that you are prepared to shake that wedding will go to? You have picked a splendid gorgeous lehengas online, impressive adornments and have chosen a beautiful hairstyle too. Yet, hold up! Shouldn’t something be said about that Lehenga dupatta? Is it accurate to say that you will drape it in a similar old manner? Then again are you going to the same old passion? This article regarding drape your dupatta in new fashion!


Find underneath a portion of the coolest styles to drape your lehenga dupatta. We have included pictures for your simplicity! In case regardless you’re searching for a lehenga and like any of the lehengas in the photos below, you can get them here.

Style 1: Drape it Like a Chunni

This style is enlivened by the Punjabi method for draping dupatta with salwar suit. They simply let it stream free and good! That looks cool. We chose to give it a classy touch. In this way, one end is on the shoulder, precisely set and stuck up. What’s more, the flip side has been created freely and put over the wrist.

This will look awesome on the off chance that you have a choice to show off your dupatta that you need to flaunt or a dupatta with huge fringe.

Style 2: Drape it like a saree

This style is positively intended to give a fantasy that you’re wearing a saree. One end is unmistakably created close to the waist and after that draped around it simply as you do with a saree pallu. The other side is set in thin pleats and tossed over the shoulder.

On the off chance that you need to flaunt your midsection or need a flawless, sensible look, this is an incredible approach to wear a lehenga dupatta.

Style 3: Wrap it from the back

Along these lines to drape a lehenga dupatta, we have tucked one corner of the dupatta at the back (not unmistakable in the photo). From that point, we have approximately put the dupatta around the beneath midsection of your body and presented it with clean pleats which then move corner to corner from the diagonally to the shoulder and is then left free. We have picked one corner of the loose and tucked it again the abdomen.


Style 4: Wrap it around the head and let it free

This is the most simple to accomplish the best approach to wear a lehenga dupatta. You should simply stick up the dupatta from the center on your head and after that leave it free.

It is astounding on the off chance that you don’t need the dupatta in the front and stow away your bridal lehenga design.