The most favorite fashion of summer is Kurti/tunics. The latest summer shirts and tunics make a girl enjoy her days and nights comfortably. So this summer enjoys the tea parties, hiking, tours, hangouts and birthdays in trendy and cozy tunics.  They are available in both short and medium length as the fashion of long shirts is forbidding a farewell. Short or medium length shirts and Kurtis with capris, tights, and trousers will remain to be the dominant fashion in the upcoming seasons.

The summer lawn Kurti trends collection consists of tunics in T-shirt style, tailed Kurti, printed Kurti, plain Kurti, flared frock style Kurti and many others that will make your look perfectly sophisticated. This Kurti collection is perfectly comfortable and stunning that will keep you relaxed this summer, both in terms of fashion and comfort. Popular Designer Kurtis that can make your summer more fresh and bright are given below:


1)Asim Jofa Summer tunics Collections:

Asim Jofa has been unique in his creations and is one of the most followed fashion designers today. His new Tunic collection with brilliant and matchless designs will truly surprise you. The best part is that this phenomenal clothing is available at a reasonable price range. Asim Jofa has introduced a beautiful combination of graphical and magazine prints that has evolved with magnificent embroidery and eye-catching hues.

2)Subhata Summer Kurti Collections:

Subhata has recently launched summer tunics for women. A smart selection from these collections will save your time and help you wear a perfect summer look this year. These Kurtis are made with the finest cotton fabrics. The designs suit both working women and teenagers alike. They are perfect for social gatherings and also for official and college wear.

3)EGO Summer Kurti Collections:

EGO Springs have successfully launched a versatile range of summer collection Kurti designs.EGO always comes up with the best designs for the fashion-forward ladies. This dressing theme has won the hearts of teenagers and little girls at a higher number. If you want to recreate your summer wardrobe and tired of existing trend in the market, go for Ego Summer Kurti collections.  This time, again they have come up with something unique that takes the level of style to the higher pedestal.