Lehenga and Saree are two conventional women’s clothing things from India. These are ageless array that have been decorated by average citizens and VIPs alike. Saree is more normal than Lehenga that is worn on additional on unique events nowadays. There are numerous contrasts between these two garments yet people get to be distinctly confounded due to the comparable looks made by a combination style known as Lehenga Saree. This article investigates both these garments to highlight their disparities.



Saree is an unstitched bit of cloth that is draped around the body of a lady in style. It is also called Sari, this traditional Indian garment is worn in a wide range of styles by women to make diverse impacts. Regularly Saree is draped around the waist of women with one end staying free that is taken crosswise over and over the shoulders of the lady. Sarees cover the lower bit of the body and women wear a shirt or a choli to cover their upper parts. This implies the midsection of the lady is uncovered, making Saree look extremely upscale and prominent even today. Saree is a traditional outfit that is worn by women everywhere throughout the subcontinent of India. Saree is a garment that is accessible in a wide range of fabrics, for example, cotton, polyester, silk, chiffon, Georgette. Saree is a graceful dress that entrances westerners even today. They wonder about the ensemble that covers the whole body but then is sexy as it shows the bends of the lady wearing it at simply the correct regions.



Lehenga is a traditional dress of India that has been worn by girls and women since ancient period over thousands of years. In many parts of India, it is likewise called Ghagra Choli. Actually, Lehenga is an outfit that is of a lower part called Lehenga and the upper part called choli or bodice. This lehenga choli will not complete the third part called dubatta. Lehenga can be worn by little girls furthermore by elderly women. It is accessible in various assortments with standard ones made of cotton without having any frivolity, though Lehengas can be exceptionally costly additionally with unrivaled cloth and embellishment finished with trimmings.

What is the distinction among  Lehenga and Saree?

  • Saree is unstitched cloth draped around the waist, while Lehenga is an outfit that is sewed and comprises of the lower part called Lehenga and an upper part called choli.
  • Lehenga is worn in a northern states of the nation though Saree is normal all over India.
  • Saree is wear around the waist over a slip, and the waist stays uncovered.
  • Lehenga is worn by brides additionally making it a unique dress for women that is seen on special events or festivals.
  • Lehengas and sarees differ on cost relying on the fabric utilized and the adornment done on it utilizing dabs, Kundan, and little mirrors.